May 8th 2018 5C went kindergarten K1 class. I was walking. First we read a book about Sank the boat and talk about animals. After we did the sing a song ''open shut them''. It was very fun.I thought that I had a very good experience.Lastly we did the took for 10 subjects.

2018年5月8日5Cは幼稚園K1クラスに進んだ。 私は歩いていた。 まず、船を沈めて動物について話す本を読んだ。 私たちが歌を歌った後、「開いて彼らを閉じて」。 とても楽しかったです。私はとても良い経験をしたと思っていました。

Music concert Grade 5 and Grade 4

Music Concert Grade 5 and Grade 4
At the Grade 5 and Grade 4 music concert we sang and we played instruments.The songs we sang were “I’m top of the world” and “have you ever seen the rain”.Concert was at 9 o’clock. I played the violin. In my opinion concert was exciting. The band started first. It was uninteresting. Strings secondly. It was uninteresting. Lastly Grade 5,Grade 4 choir. It was fun. I think Music concert was very interesting.
this is a response to Grade 5 and grade 4 in the music concert. the purpose of a response is to retell judge performance.

discussion writing

Is long hair better than short hair?
Most people have hair. It is important about who you are. Some people think long hair is good. Some people like short hair.
They are good reason to have long hair. With long hair I can put it up in a ponytail or braid.  I can make many kinds of hair arrangements.
They are reason why long hair is bad. Long hair can feel hot. My hair get in my face when I am playing and writing.
In conclusion long hair is better because I can arrange various hair.
Day 1 Reflection Concept Monarchy form A monarchy about the king and the queen. responsibility In a monarchy the citizens have to... Citizens have to choose members of congress. The government has to...Citizens have to choose member of congress Government has to conduct the congress. reflection A monarchy is successful if/when...The king follows the law. personal comment Being a part of a monarchy made me feel…Being a part of monarchy in Japan made me feel nothing in special in daily life. I would change… I would keep... colour A colour I would choose to represent monarchy would be...Gold symbol

The apple problem

How many wooden blocks equal one apple?

                                          I thought I was a little difficult.

Fraction Discovery